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"Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it is cowardice." [George Jackson]

If your team runs many different manual tasks, not all of them on each working day but only on specified weekdays or days of a month, then this tasklist creator might be of help to you.

In sheet Param define enter your team name or other reference which will be put into the footer of each page:


Define in sheet RawData which tasks needs to be done on which days and set the time of the day this needs to be started. It is not necessary to order all tasks by the time but it might help:


In sheet Today press button "Build Tasklist":


Print sheet Today. Let your team sign off the tasks (when they are done!) and let them note any exceptions (problems, errors, etc.) encountered. I use to scan the signed tasklist at the end of each day to stay paperless and to provide an audit trail. Let me know if you need an enhancement such as a Quarter Day column in sheet RawData: go to Contact page.

If you are interested in downloading an Excel © sample file for this application, go to my Download page, please.

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