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"Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience." [Clarence Day]

How could or should we use IT?

I think programs can support business ideas and processes. They are not keys to success but they could be causes of failure.

Programmers tend to think that their area of expertise is the heart of the universe. Nobody can do it better. So why ask others how to solve it and why document programs? If it was hard to write then it should be hard to read.

I suggest to listen to all persons involved in a business, then to consider relevant and important processes/interfaces/resources/restrictions and then to decide in cooperation which solution is best.

Areas of interest:
1. Planning and organising IT construction
2. Programming
3. Testing and quality control
        Are you a good programmer?
4. Documentation
5. Maintenance
6. Others: Access Fun Stuff
               Excel Fun Stuff
               Perl Fun Stuff
               Word Fun Stuff

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