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If you look for a simple Excel © VBA sort function which you can easily apply on small ranges or arrays then you are at the right place. If you are not willing or if you are not able to use VBA macros, look here, please.

The parameters of sbGSort I chose pragmatically but not without care. If you call this function with sbGSort(...,”AD”,”SN”,”31”) then A(scending order) and S(tring comparison) will be applied on column 3 (the first priority column to sort by). It's not very convenient if you change the column priority from “31” to “13” that you will have to change the order of “AD” (to “DA”) and “SN” (to “NS”) as well. On the other hand, you won't need to state all sOrd and sCT characters up to column 9 if you call GSort with (...,”A”,”S”,”9”).


If you are interested in downloading a 46 KB Excel 2010 sample file go to my Download page, please.

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