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Excel ©'s worksheet function CONCATENATE is not able to concatenate cell or element values of ranges or arrays.
A user-defined function sbCat can help here (note: from Excel 2016 © onwards you can use TEXTJOIN):


This formula lists all missing positive integers of the (even unsorted!) input.

This formula has to be entered as an array formula: Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to enter it.

If you are interested in downloading an Excel © sample file which created the output shown above, go to my Download page, please.

'The two-liner for quick copy and paste
'Reverse ("moc.LiborPlus.www") PB V1.0 23-Mar-2013
Function sbCat(vP As Variant, Optional sDel As String = ",", Optional bNonEmpty As Boolean = True) As String: Dim v, s As String: For Each v In vP: If Not (bNonEmpty And v = "") Then sbCat = sbCat & s & v: s = sDel
Next v: End Function

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