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VBA 06 Output

- Write into worksheets. You can write text into cells with
Range("A1") = "Sample Text"
A more complex example shows you how to use the Worksheet_Change event to show aging information of your data.

- Write into message box: Call Messagebox("Message", vkOkOnly, "Title")

-Write into status bar:
Application.Statusbar = "User information during runtime"
Clear status bar:
Application.Statusbar = FALSE

- Use a user form

- Write into files. I prefer to define all application-dependent parameters in a special sheet Param and to define self-explanatory range names.

- Write into an array (temporary variable storage) or into a variant:
Dim i as Integer, a(1 to 99) as Double
For i=1 to 99: a(i) = Cell(1,i): Next i

Dim v as Variant
v = Range("A1:A99”)

- Write into immediate window (see debugging)

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