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VBA 02 My 2nd Program

Copy and steal good code wherever you can! Your first program should be just a copy, I suggest.

Good sites to look for code:
Pearson Software Consulting
Erlandsen Data Consulting - A good one for import/export of data
EverAge Consulting - Logging with VBA (example for object orientation)

Example: =CONCATENATE(A1:A9) does not work. Create this functionality with your own code: sbCat

Use OPTION EXPLICIT at the start of each of your modules:


This forces you to declare of all variables explicitely. You will get warned about variables you misspelt, for example.


'This function takes the input parameters x, y, and z, performs a
'blabla calculation and returns value “oops”.
'Version 0.1
'Date        Programmer Change
'22-Nov-2008 Bernd      Create

I indicate the quality of my macros with my version numbers: 0.1 is the first version, module tested, 1.0 would be good for general usage, 0.01 would be a prototype with some obvious drawbacks or similar. You can increase these version to 0.2, 1.1, etc. each time you apply a change. So everybody can see at one glance whether he has the most recent version and to which extent he might want to rely on it.

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