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Shape your own distributions. Sometimes you will need a normal distribution.

Or you want to have a histogram distribution. You can use my UDFs (user-defined-functions) redw and rww. Similar to redw is my UDF sbRandHistogrm with @RISK©-like parameters. A variance of that function is sbRandomNoRepeatBeforeN which avoids items from being re-drawn too early. An enhanced function of RandHistogrm is the UDF sbExactRandHistogrm which creates exactly the weighted distribution you define over a specified number of runs (draws, rolls).

A Cauchy distribution you can create and use with my UDF sbRandCauchy.

If you need a triangle distribution - which is often used in project management - then try my UDFs sbRandTriang or sbRandTrigen.

A step-wise linear distribution you can generate with sbRandGeneral. If you need it as a cumulative step-wise linear distribution, take sbRandCumulative.

Generally you can create almost any distribution randomly with sbRandCDFInv or sbRandPDF.

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